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Penzance 1939 - 45 War Memorial

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Penlee House and Gardens were purchased by the Penzance Borough Council at the end of the second world war in order to perpetuate the memory of those who had made the supreme sacrifice and as a tribute others from the Borough who had served in the armed forces and in the civil defense force. The Mayor Alderman Albert Thomas C.C. opened them to the public on the ninth of June 1946. A book of names is kept in the Garden of Remembrance and a page is turned each day. At the moment I have only the names for one day displayed here. 

Penlee house now houses a Museum and Art Gallery which has both a renown collection of paintings as well as a series of exhibitions throughout the year. The Gardens are open to the public and meals and snacks can be purchased in Penlee House.

You may find an entry on the War grave commission site. Click HERE to search. Use the back arrow to return to this page. 


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E.Hosking R.N.  N.E.Hosking (Cpl.) D.C.L.I.  W.H.Hosking  W.J.Hosking R.A.F.  E.J.Howe M.N

J.E.Howe M.N.  E.J.Hughes R.N.  John Hughes R.N.  W.Humphreys  A.W.Hunt R.A.F. 

D.Hunt R.N.  J.Irving  H.Jacka  H.L Jackeman (Cpl.) R.A.F.  G.James (F/O) R.A.F.  R. C. James



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