Gwithian War Memorial

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The memorial tablet is inside the porch of the church.

Great War 1914 -1918

Thomas Sydney Bate - R. N. - Hannibal Henry Hearn - R. N.

James Manhennott - R. N. - Henry Newton - 8th Devons

John Doble - 158 MG Corps - William Clegg - DCLI


Second World War 1939 -1945

William Clarence Peters - DCLI - Alfred Lee - DCLI

Raymond Masters - 12th Devons

Leslie Oliver - REF


War Graves at Gwithian

Gwithian WG1 small.jpg (12431 bytes)               Gwithian WG2 Small.jpg (14296 bytes)                                                   

   Able Seaman                          Sailor                               Stoker P/O  R.N. K/7846  

  H Magnusson                      W. MC Garva                             W.  Wheelhouse

   S.S. Falaba                        S.S. "Kildoman"                            H.M.S. "Pincher"

 28th March 1915            20th September 1917                    24th July 1918 Aged 18


  Gwithian WG4 small.jpg (16202 bytes)                      Gwithian WG5.jpg (18162 bytes)                           

   202697 Private                           36004 Private

       B Hosking                                A Woolcock

  Duke of Cornwall LI                 Duke of Cornwalls LI

7th April 1917, aged 20                28th October 1918


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