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Pendeen War Memorial

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in loving memory of all those who went forth from the parish of pendeen 

and especially those who laid down their lives in the great war. 

1914 - 1918

For the cause of liberty and righteousness 

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Samuel H Bone  William Brooking  Richard Curnow John H Davy  Richard Grenfell

Noah Harvey  Nicholas D Hosking   William G. Gilbert  James Lanyon  Edward T. Lawry

Benjamin Mathews  William T.G. Mathews  Charles Pryor  John O. Reseigh  Mathias A. Rodda

James Trathen  William Trenbath  Harold Treverrow  Gregory Trudgeon  Richard Warren

William H. Waters  Garfield Whitta  John H. Williams  William M Ellis  Hugh Oats


Peter A James  +  William Eddy


Sister Rita M Bennetts


1939 - 1945 War

In thankful Remembrance of

pendeen 45 war.JPG (181250 bytes)

Ian W Fraser  Theodore Crenon  Ian B. Sowerby  Frederick Stinton  Richard H. Waters

Joseph A Webber  William T Whitta  James P.C. Wilkinson 

who gave their lives in the second world war.