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Newlyn War Memorial 
Compiled by George Pritchard

The Newlyn War Memorial was dedicated around 1920. The stonework was created by local stonemason Mr Snell of Newlyn whilst the Bronze sculpture is the work of L. S. Merrifield.

To My Mother - 1916

If I shall fall, grieve not that one so weak

And poor as I

Should Die.

Nay! though thy heart should break

Think only this: that when at dusk they speak

Of Sons and brothers of another one,

Then thou canst say - "I too had a son;

He died for Englands sake!"

S. Donald Cox.



Highlighted  names means that I have found an entry on the War grave commission site. Click HERE to search their site. Use the back arrow to return to this page. 


1914 - 1918 War

Names 2.jpg (206550 bytes)

W Bennetts - R B Blewett -  

T T Bone -  F Bonetto

J A Carter Wood J P Cattran - 

? Chapell - A J Crowle -  A Clore 

   C S Corin -  T Cotton

J Cox -  P Downing -  W A S Forbes - 

 L Francis -  R M Gage -  

D M Garstin    R Green -  

D C Harvey -  G Harvey -  

J T Harvey -  N Harvey -  

T Harvey   Emmett -  ? Hosking -  

N Hosking -  W H Hosking - 

W Humphreys -  H  Jacka  

R Jenkin -  A O Jewels  -  C Kennett 

 R H Kelynack - W H Kelynack  

J H Lambert - B E Lender 

J D Mackenzie -  H maddern 

W Maddern  - D Martin 

N Mathews - T McGuiness 

 J Mildren -  Nowell -  W L Olds

G Pearce - W Pearce - C T Potter - 

??  R C Hick - H N Reseigh Reynolds   

??  J Rowe - H Sampson -T R Sampson

Sedgeman - W T Semmens    

W J Symonds - J Thomas 

W S Thomas - C Tonkin -S B Tonkin   

A Tremethick  -  W Tresidder 

W C Thevithick  -  A Vingoe  - ??  

W weeks - R Williams? - R Williams  ? Osborne   


1939 - 1945 WAR

names 1.jpg (183145 bytes)

T T Trahair*

Royal Navy

E Edwards -  B Hoskin - G Harvey 

D T Worth - W D Nicholas

A Wearne - F Cotton - T Trahair 

N L Corrall - C C M Pollard

W J Pope - C L Chinn - P J t webster 

  E Hellier - g h v wallen

F R Windsor - P Hoare - E g m pearce


A J Minards - D G Mathews 

K Williams - J C Richards 

C W Hatch B Maddern -  R Drew 

J A D Pentreath -  E Hosking - 

  E Kitchen - F C Oats -  R C Tonkin 

  R C Harvey - G B Chiffers 

A Le Grice - J Abrahams 

J H Mildren -  G Green -  C L Olds 


S C Hodge - G L Waters 

W T De R Waters - E L R Strowger

J Eddy -  C Nicholas - G Pope 

W J Hosking - R C James 

W H Everson - T G Rowe 

 J Williams - A W Hurr

Merchant Navy

S Blewett - A Jenkin - H Lee R.N. 

W R Trenoweth R.N.


Korean War

c w sayer - J E Warren - J J Oats

F/O L M J Grant 

* T T TrAhair  has been added on the First World War side of the memorial but served in the Second World War.

dedication.jpg (175405 bytes)

The Memorial is located outside the Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen in the centre of the village.

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