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St Erth War Memorial

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A cross of grey stone from the Forest of Dean, it is over 22 feet high, surmounted by a Calvary

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We have no glory great enough for you

This land inviolate your monument shall be.

They died proudly, they are mourned proudly.


First World War 1914 -1918   

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H. A. Carter V.C. - Noel Conway Carter - Richard Cloke - F.C. Tregarthen Coulson - C. H. Crowle

Thomas Goldsaworthy - A.H. Hart - W. J. Hosking - George Liles - T. J. Lockett - W. J. Prior

B. Rowe - C. T. Stevens - S. Thomas - W. C. Trevarthen - Henry Percy Veale - J.  Vincent 

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Second World War 1939 -1945

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Stanley George Smart - Stewart Bond - Samuel Carter - Melvin Pearce Stone  - Arthur Franklin Lashbrook

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